At the weekend, we finally got a couple of lazy days at the cottage, with time to enjoy some sunshine on the deck with a book, watching the birds and a little photography. We had an abundance of small birds frequenting the trees beside our cottage and scuffing themselves on thistle seeds and sunflower hearts on the feeders. The noise of the chirping and bird song was at times deafening.

I tried some photography with the same approach as a few weeks back: manually focussing on the plane between a branch and the seed feeders, and triggering off sequences of shots when a bird is about to jump of the branch or fly into the frame. I really need to get myself a wireless remote, as I cannot place the camera close enough to the feeders while staying far enough away from them not to scare the birds.

Unfortunately, I had less success with shooting birds in flight than two weeks ago, coming away with a lot of ‘nearly wonderful’ shots, particularly of the colourful siskins, gold finches and lesser redpolls. These two images of a siskin in freefall are the best of the lot and are in fact two different crops from the same photo.

I just cannot make up my mind which one of these two photo’s I like best. I love the one above for it’s simplicity and making you wonder what is going on. I also love the bigger picture below, with the goldfinch’s look and expression, also wondering what is going on.

Would love to hear what your thoughts are.


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  1. 1
    diet en wim

    I didn´t know which one was best, but in the end I think the one with the goldfinch thinking:”what is this stupid siskin doing” en hij vergeet om verder te eten. zoiets.

  2. 2
    d de ridder

    dat laatste stukje, daar is mijn engels te slecht voor, om te begrijpen. Had je mijn commentaar op die bommetjesfoto wel gelezen? Es heeft me net laten zien hoe ik op jou blog kan praten, zo leer je iedere keer weer iets. liefs voor Lynn groetjes ook voor lola. ma.

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