Swallow singing it’s heart out

Our swallows are back from their African sojourn. At least four pairs have returned the very lengthy journey and are, once again, swooping through the fields, round the cottages and over the loch catching insects.

This swallow is one of a pair nesting in the eves of our cottage, high above our kitchen window, and has made this pole that is stuck in the fence just outside the kitchen window as his favourite perch.

With the high winds this weekend, their speeds are phenomenal, with absolutely no chance of shooting one in flight. But there is plenty of time this summer to try and capture these beauties in flight.


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    anita van zyl

    Hi there….. I am a great lover of swallows….. we are in South Africa and our swallows went on their yearly trip north….i am so sad when they are gone…. but believe that they will be back again in spring…..

    Why I am writing however, is I am an artist and is busy with a swallow project…. I am not in the position to get nice photo’s of them in flight…. I have a few sitting and I can show you what I did with them….. if you want to see….. I am looking for “in flight” images to use as reference material….. please advise if you might see your way open to help me…..

    hope to hear from you soon…. i need the images in next few weeks.


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