Clyde Tiger

The Clyde Tiger is a very impressive mural to promote the Chines Year of the Tiger. It was created by The McFaul Studio and forms part of the Tiger Beer’s “Tiger Lucky Eight” promotion. The […]

Spring detail

As promised in my previous blog entry┬áLife is a blur┬áhere are a few intimate landscape images, or visual poetry if I may plagerise Colin Prior, from our Sunday afternoon’s wander through Mugdock Wood. I love […]

Life is just a blur

After a glorious Saturday spent mostly reading the third novel in Stieg Larson’s Millenium trillogy in the sun in our garden, Sunday morning was a bit of a let down with heavy clouds and the […]

Walking the Edge

Our usual Saturday afternoon walk is always and eventful time for our little Lola. People and dogs galore, and with a bit of luck she can steal some bread from the children feeding the ducks […]

Casa Bencomo

Casa Bencomo is one of the traditional townhouses built around a central courtyard, typically found in the old heart of San Sebastian. Standing on the corner of Calle Real (one of the three main streets) […]

Avolo Geology

The road to Puntallana from Punta de Avolo along the sheer, towering cliffs tumbling down to the sea from Banda de Avolo to Baya de Avolo is an absolute gem for anyone interested in geology […]

Fun in the mud

Our first walk along the River Kelvin after our two week holiday in the sun and Lola’s 18 day sleep over in Largs. Lola has lost a little weight (and is looking in good shape!), […]

Derelict Jerdune

After seeing these scatterred, abandoned Gomeran crofts along the ridge from Jerdune overlooking Barranco de Chinguarime a few years back, a wander to explore these crofts has always been on the list of to-do’s on […]

Extending the harbour

These images show the work being carried out on extending the pier/quay in the harbour of San Sebastian de La Gomera during the first two days of our stay. The hazyness of the images is […]

El Calima

During the first couple of days of our holiday in San Sebastian de La Gomera visibility was very poor as you can see from these two images (one in colour and ‘antique’ monochrome). You may […]

The Sailings

On the way back from Arrochar/Tarbet, we left the dual carriage way for a detour through Bowling and Old kilpatrick. Bowling is a place you just want to drive through, but Old Kilpatrick appears to […]

Sun on the moors

Having a lazy weekend after a very busy week, so we headed up to Mugdock for a Sunday afternoon wander (and to tire Lola out). Not really in the mood for photography, in fact not […]

Castle Gloom

A few images from a day trip to Castle Gloom quite a few years ago. The castle, better known as Castle Campbell, dates from the 1400’s and sits in a lofty, isolate position at the […]

Het vennetje

These images were taken on a crisp, sunny winter’s morning a few years ago when I was staying at my parents in the Netherlands. An ideal morning to step out of the door and walk […]


On Saturday afternoon Lola and I dropped Lynn off in town, giving us a couple of hours before we had to pick her up again. As it was a glorious crisp day with blue skies […]

A wander onto the moor

What a difference a week of thawing makes. Last week we were walking in winter wonderland in freezing temperatures, now there’s hardly any snow and ice left. The well trodden paths of stamped down snow […]

Road to Puntallana

In the absence of any worthwhile images taken during the past week, here are some images I reviewed and considered for the book on La Gomera that I am currently writing. The majority of these […]

Ne’erday’s walk

Happy New Year to everyone. Ne’ersday, the start of another new year. I can’t believe how quick 2009 has gone though. The big question for most people seem to be what to call this year, […]

Snow in the woods

To build up an appetite and burn off some calories before Christmas dinner, we decided to go for a forest walk. We drove up to Drumclog car park beside the Milngavie reservoirs and headed into […]

A dog’s Christmas

You may wonder if Christmas is any different for Lola than an ordinary Sunday, or in other words, is it possible to spoil Lola even more than normal? Indeed, she was spoiled rotten, ripping her […]