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Home with the catch

There is nothing more relaxing than to see the world go by from your balcony with an ice cold glass of white wine early evening before going out for a meal, especially after a warm, […]

Approaching Halki

A series showing our approach to Halki aboard the Dedakonisos Pride from Rhodes Town to Halki this morning. First sight is the distinctive top of the ‘volcano’ appearing in the distance above Alimnia island. On […]

Chalki ruin

The old houses and ruins on the narrow back alleys with connecting stairways up the hillside in Chalki (Halki) are well worth exploring. With the colourful spring flowers in the alleys and little gardens, as […]

Old door, blue steps

Wandering around the back streets of Symi is one of my favourite pastimes. Exploring the town behind the front and up the hill with it’s little alley ways, staircases, little paths, colourful and derelict houses, […]

Lightning strikes

We woke up this morning to very dark skies over Turkey heading our way. It was not long before we started to hear the rumble of distant thunder. While having breakfast on the balcony the […]

I am back

I am sorry that I have been neglecting my own website for several years, favouring the simplicity and reach of my Facebook page to share my photos with family, friends, Facebook groups and anyone interested […]

Kastellorizo sunrise

It is always worth getting up early at least one day while on holiday to see the sun rise, and tuck into bed afterwards again (of course). The view across the water had been spectacular, […]

Loggerhead turtles

The wildlife highlight of our two week stay in kastellorizo was, without a doubt, the loggerhead turtles frequenting the harbour. It was just wonderful watching the loggerhead turtles swim in the harbour, both during the […]

Casa Bencomo (Restored)

In my previous post Casa Bencomo from 2010, I showed a set of images of the derelict traditional townhouse taken in 2006 and the start of the renovations in 2010. The renovations have now been […]

Indian Ocean Abstracts

A serie of six abstracts of the Indian Ocean taken at Kalutara on the East coast of Sri Lanka. The abstract nature has been created ‘in camera’ by moving the camera while shooting with a […]

Hinari at Night

I am finally getting round to add some posts to my photo blog from our trip to Symi last July. In this first post, two night shots (taken a few days apart) of the wonderful […]

Ermitas in the landscape

La Gomera is literally littered with little chapels, or ermitas as they are called locally in Spanish. So where ever you are in the dramatic landscape on the island, there is always one nearby, whether […]

Living in the Clouds

The villages on top of La Gomera are widely known as the cloud villages, with Las Hayas, El Cercado and Chipude being the famous trio, situated more than 1000m above sea level in the heart […]

A Derelict Finca

One of our favourite short walks on La Gomera starts at Montana de Destene, just down from Dolgelada de Parazza on the GM-3 to Playa Santiago. In the bend, shortly before Jerdune, you can drive […]

Moon over Teguerguenche

While walking back from a late afternoon drink at El Charcoal, a nearly full moon was peering out at us over the towering cliffs of Teguerguenche. Without having to move much, I was able to […]

Burnt Barranco

This is the view from Ermita de Igualero across the Barranco de Erque to the magnificent rock fortress La Fortaleza after the devastating forest fires ravages the heart of the island. In October 2007, the same […]

Pinnawala Stampede

The elephant stampede through the little village of Pinnawala can be witnessed several times in a single day when the elephant orphans are moved from their grazing grounds to the river and back. We arrived […]

Painted Stork

While on safari in Yala Nature Reserve in Sri Lanka, our tracker told the driver to stop and then pointed out some small crocodiles sunbathing in the mud on the other side of a fair […]

Paddling Baby Elephant

This photo of a baby elephant paddling in the river is a taster of our visit to the Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage which was probably the highlight of our two weeks holiday in Sri Lanka. Watching […]

Fun in the mud

During our safari at Yala Nature Reserve in Sri Lanka, we encountered plety of water buffalos. May not the most exited spieces we encountered, but they made for some spectecular sights. This one enjoying a […]

Water Monitor

The second highlight of our river safari up the Balapitiya River in South West Sri Lanka was seeing the water monitor. We spotted it swimming towards the middle of the river, but as soon as […]

Leopard on a wander

In this second part of my leopard trilogy from Sri Lanka, the big male leopard sleekly wanders down from the undergrowth past a non-caring squacko heron before turning towards the water. However he decides to […]

Searching for food

In this third and last post of my trilogy on wild elephants in the Yala Nature Reserve in Sri Lanka, we have a young elephant searching for food. We watched this you elephants for a […]

Hiding under mami

Once the two munching wild elephants had crossed the track as shown in my previous post Is it a tree?, these two mother elephants, each with a cute baby elephant followed and crossed the track […]

Is it a tree?

While driving along a rough track through the Yala Nature Reserve in Sri Lanka, our driver stopped the jeep beside these unusual tree trunks. Before we realised it, the tree trunk moved, grabbing a bunch […]

The Apsara Paintings

One of the most famous features of Sigiriya are the 5th Century paintings found in two depressions on the rock face some 100 metres above the ground. These paintings are a merely a fragment of […]


On the last day of our holiday, we went on a short river safari up the Balapitiya River in South West Sri Lanka. Not the best choice of river for watching birdlife, as the banks […]

Views of Sigiriya

The Lion’s Rock, or Sigirya in the local tongue, is a dominant volcanic rock rising some 1,000 feet above the central planes of Sri Lanka and is distinctively visible from all directions. Sigiriya has had […]

Standing out from the crowd

While watching the annual procession in Thalpitiya in Sri Lanka during our holiday last month, I appeared to be standing out from the crowd. Not because I was an obvious tourist, as there were plenty of […]

Precarious Rock Stairs

Here are a few shots of the precarious stairs along the steep cliffs behind El Castillo on the edge of Playa Vallehermoso, La Gomera, battered by the rough seas hitting the North Coast of the […]

Mayan Arches at Uxmal

One of the most distinctive features found in Mayan architecture is the Mayan arch, a corbelled arch that spans entrances and vaults. As the Maya never discovered the true arch, the Maya were limited to […]

The Mayan People

What better to do at Christmas when the wind howls through the chimney and the rain lashes against the windows than to look at pictures from our travels to warmer climates. In other words, an […]

Colourful Jerdune

In a followup to the monochrome blog entry Derelict Jerdune, here is Jerdune in all it’s colour and glory. The last eight images are colour versions of the monochrome images of Derelict Jerdune.

Casa Bencomo

Casa Bencomo is one of the traditional townhouses built around a central courtyard, typically found in the old heart of San Sebastian. Standing on the corner of Calle Real (one of the three main streets) […]

Avolo Geology

The road to Puntallana from Punta de Avolo along the sheer, towering cliffs tumbling down to the sea from Banda de Avolo to Baya de Avolo is an absolute gem for anyone interested in geology […]

Derelict Jerdune

After seeing these scatterred, abandoned Gomeran crofts along the ridge from Jerdune overlooking Barranco de Chinguarime a few years back, a wander to explore these crofts has always been on the list of to-do’s on […]

Extending the harbour

These images show the work being carried out on extending the pier/quay in the harbour of San Sebastian de La Gomera during the first two days of our stay. The hazyness of the images is […]

El Calima

During the first couple of days of our holiday in San Sebastian de La Gomera visibility was very poor as you can see from these two images (one in colour and ‘antique’ monochrome). You may […]

Het vennetje

These images were taken on a crisp, sunny winter’s morning a few years ago when I was staying at my parents in the Netherlands. An ideal morning to step out of the door and walk […]

Road to Puntallana

In the absence of any worthwhile images taken during the past week, here are some images I reviewed and considered for the book on La Gomera that I am currently writing. The majority of these […]