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Swallow singing it’s heart out

Our swallows are back from their African sojourn. At least four pairs have returned the very lengthy journey and are, once again, swooping through the fields, round the cottages and over the loch catching insects. […]


At the weekend, we finally got a couple of lazy days at the cottage, with time to enjoy some sunshine on the deck with a book, watching the birds and a little photography. We had […]

I want to be alone!

Just like Greta Garbo said: “I want to be alone!” Lola was tucked in for a snooze after her dinner. Very unhappy I disturbed her with taking a few pictures. But she will be happy […]

Chaffinches Galore

The seed feeders in our garden attract a large variety of finches and tits. The chaffinches are, without a doubt, the most numerous, easily outnumbering the green finches, gold finches, blue tits, coal tits, great […]

Peacock on the Daffodils

The fabulous weather has brought out the butterflies en mass this week, resulting in the unusual combination of red peacock butterflies feasting on bright yellow daffodils. I just love the beautiful colours of the daffodils and […]

The Wee Scurry Beastie

The weather has been absolutely fantastic this week, more like having a mid somer’s day in the middle of March, than the heavy snow we had two year’s ago at this time. We have been […]

Pink Rain over Arran

After a hard days work at our cottage, making good progress with creating a second bedroom from the junk store upstairs, it was time for a rest. While admiring the view with a well deserved […]

Storm Damage

[jwplayer config=”My Player” mediaid=”1797″] We awoke in the early hours of Tuesday morning, unable to sleep due to the deafening noise of the gale force winds outside. Following several loud thuds on our roof and […]

Swallows in flight

And you thought whippets at speed are hard to shoot? Well you can think again… I had thought that, after many years of practising my skills of action photography capturing super fast lurchers and super agile […]

Beach Intimates

What else to do than to head for the beach on August Bank Holiday. But not just any beach, probably one of the best beaches in Scotland! As we were staying at the Kames Hotel […]