Category: In Glasgow

Flying High

The spring like weather made for a wonderful afternoon’s walk along the River Kelvin with (finally) some good opportunities for some photography. Not only did I manage to get some good shots of the dipper, […]

Dowanhill Bob

Dowanhill Bob, our local sparrowhawk, has been ruling the roost in the West End this winter, terrorising our garden residents, including siskins, goldfinches, robins, chaffinches, great tits, coal tits, blue tits, tree sparrows and even […]

Urban Cormorant

While taking Lola out for a walk along the River Kelvin in the West End of Glasgow, I spotted two cormorants sitting on a derelict railway pillar in the middle of the river. Even though […]

Hounds in the Snow

Bart ‘the Dachshund’ was staying for a sleepover on Saturday night. On Sunday morning I let them out into the back garden and they ended up playing for a long time in the snow. It […]

Walkies? Walkies!

I finally managed to get out with Lola to the Kelvin to try my new lens at fast action photography. I was already impressed with the sharpness of this lens, but now I’m also bowled […]

Going Underground

Daddy, daddy, get me out of here Ha ha, I’m underground Sister, sister, please take me down Ah ha I’m underground Daddy, daddy, get me out Thanks to Euan for keeping his ear to the […]

Ghosts on the Water

Unexpected but very welcome sunshine made a dreig Saturday afternoon wander along the River Kelvin more than just a dog walk. While Lola was running ragged with her furry friends, I lingered along the banks […]

Fire at notre Dame

Bloody vuvuzelas! Due to their deafening noise, we didn’t hear the fire engines of at least three fire brigades going past. It was only when I took Lola out for her walk after the game […]

Clyde Tiger

The Clyde Tiger is a very impressive mural to promote the Chines Year of the Tiger. It was created by The McFaul Studio and forms part of the Tiger Beer’s “Tiger Lucky Eight” promotion. The […]

Walking the Edge

Our usual Saturday afternoon walk is always and eventful time for our little Lola. People and dogs galore, and with a bit of luck she can steal some bread from the children feeding the ducks […]

Fun in the mud

Our first walk along the River Kelvin after our two week holiday in the sun and Lola’s 18 day sleep over in Largs. Lola has lost a little weight (and is looking in good shape!), […]

A dog’s Christmas

You may wonder if Christmas is any different for Lola than an ordinary Sunday, or in other words, is it possible to spoil Lola even more than normal? Indeed, she was spoiled rotten, ripping her […]